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About PT-Actuator Team  

Our mission

        Xuzhou PT-Actuator Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd, operates the business and serves the customersaround the globe, is a professional manufacturer of actuator and motionplatform with the trademark PT-Actuator for high level linearmotion equipments.

Who we are

We are a young team with the pursuit to be real, honest and enthusiasm for the innovation. Allthe electrical actuators(majorities are servos) with the trademark PT-Actuatorare designed, engineered and produced under supervision of PT-ActuatorR&D team. Each of us in our team is equipped with strong leadershipand profession in his own field, like mechanical design, automation control,working process and effective communication with different departments. We strongly hold the motto Today’s Work Tomorrow’s World which could make our workers to show their greatest aspect in his field, and this conceptwill be long-term sustained as the core competition for our development.

Comprehensive Services

   Our key business is providingthe solutions for many places that need linear motion or multiple motionplatforms with variety models covered: Max. stroke 3000mm, Max. force 400kN,Max. speed 1500mm/s. And you are also free to choose DC or AC with the volts ofDC12V~60V, or AC 110V~400V. For some low volts of DC solutions we can make themuse outdoor and power engage with UPS. For the key parts of the motion platformsuch as actuators/joints, they are designed and manufactured by our ownfactory. With the fast development of the servo system and AI smart algorithms,the actuators and motion platforms are getting more smart than usual. You will see these tiny monster actuators are not just have the insane performances butmore flexible for many applications.

More flexible solutions

Another key business of PT-Actuatoris to provide customized electromechanical motorized solutions. Our team are not only rapidly get to know your idea/difficulties but also fast respond toprovide the comprehensively affordable solutions. In recent years, PT-Actuatorteam has successfully served our customers in different industries suchas servo linear motion platforms, heavy duty long time endurance liftingsystem, electromechanical actuators for the automatic bollards project, etc.

PT-Actuator team continues toexpand motorized product and service offerings by adding customized system solutions to their capabilities.

Today’s work tomorrow’s world.

Contact us, let’smake a marvelous machine!

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